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Unique Designs. Competitive Pricing. Superior Service.
Jermax offers a wide variety of accessories to choose from in order to accompany your newly customized cabinet, and kitchen. We offer the highest quality knob, drawer, door, countertop, and hardware accessories. You can purchase these accessories individually from our website, or request that they be incorporated into your dream kitchen or cabinet design.
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Modern Showroom Featured Project
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At Jermax, the old world craftsmanship is combined with the new technology to create the most spectacular genuine master pieces.

Customers are not limited to machine made carvings and millings, in fact there are no limits to the extent of our abilities. We are well known for our exquisite hand carvings for the most traditional or classic style. On the other hand we able to work with modern and contemporary styles and satisfy that part of our demands perfectly.

• 28 Years of Experience
• Full Worker’s Compensation
• Referral Oriented
• Customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed (Read More)
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Industry News

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