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Quality and Reliability
At Jermax, the old world craftsmanship is combined with the new technology to create the most spectacular genuine master pieces.

Customers are not limited to machine made carvings and millings, in fact there are no limits to the extent of our abilities. We are well known for our exquisite hand carvings for the most traditional or classic style. On the other hand we able to work with modern and contemporary styles and satisfy that part of our demands perfectly.

• 28 Years of Experience
• Full Worker’s Compensation
• Referral Oriented
• Customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed
Areas We Serve
Our shop serves the following areas: Los Angeles, West Los Angeles Hollywood & Beverly Hills.
Our Goal
• When doing home improvement projects, most people make poor decisions for a lack of information. They usually focus on just the price and have no idea what they are actually purchasing or who they are working with.

• It is our goal at Jermax to present all the necessary information for you to know the differences between products and let you chose what makes sense for you to purchase.

• Because most of our business comes directly from referrals, nothing is more important to us, then the reputation we have earned and maintaining the integrity with which this company was founded.
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


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